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Epiphany 2021

January 6, 2021 was Epiphany in the Christian Church around the globe, and in the USA. It’s the day celebrated for centuries, if not millennia, as the day gentiles, Magi from the East, first saw Jesus, knowing and acknowledging Him to be God, the Messiah, the promised King of Kings — an epiphany.

I thought it ironic and telling, a synchronicity of sorts, that it was also the appointed day for the next king or president of the United States to be declared by law after the votes were counted and confirmed valid by Congress. Votes were cast in record numbers despite the pandemic with it’s confusing uncertainty. According to the US Census Bureau, seventeen million more votes were cast than in the 2016 election. 73% of the eligible population was registered to vote, and 67% did vote. It was a highly contested and emotionally charged election, with the media doing its part to portray the choices. The choices in candidates were not all that different according to many, yet the many were polarized and galvanized. The choices in platforms could not have been more clear, different, or stark.

I don’t think it too strong to say if you voted conservatively you voted for the platform that more closely resembled God’s Word and God’s rule in the affairs of man. If you voted liberally you voted for secular humanism, man being his own god and making his own rules, trusting government to take care of the people, and ignoring or rebuffing God’s law and rule.

During and after the large turnout of voters, there were accusations of election fraud in several places, many of them key states in determining the outcome of the election. The evidence was handled in predictable ways by the media and by politicians. But IF there was sufficient evidence of fraud and IF politicians had the back bone to stand up, investigate, and say so, legally the election results could have yet been altered by law to favor a platform more conforming to God’s Word and not opposing God’s Word. That did not happen. So perhaps that was not the case? Or maybe it was? At any rate, the people, and their leaders, stated their preferences loudly and clearly by votes and action, or inaction. Let the record show, and let the people know, their choice was clear. It has been shouted from the roof tops by the media, who apparently couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

I believe while many were celebrating Epiphany quietly, worshipfully, acknowledging and giving thanks to God for Jesus the Savior and soon-coming King; that the USA was having their own epiphany. It was an epiphany of rejecting this King and acknowledging another. It seems as if God was saying, ” I want to make it clear to you what you are asking for, so you will know it was by your choice My judgement begins.”

And so it was. And so it will be.

I felt then what many are feeling and saying now, that the USA has gone over a waterfall of sorts, into a cascading decline and sequence of events that will look like judgment, or God removing His favor or turning away His face from the USA due to our apostasy and unfaithfulness to Him, or what the prophets called “whoring after idols.”

Once I saw this was the peoples decision in the matter, and that God was going to let it go this way, I had a deep peace about it. Oh there was sadness for the church who by and large helped it happen, and for my country and the world who has long looked up to her. I knew the darkness would increase and the blessings we have known would decrease and be given to others and taken away by dark foreign powers, according to the will and word of the Lord — the just rewards for sin, rebellion, and injustice.

But I also know God to be full of mercy and grace. I saw in times of gross sin, rebellion, and apostasy in ancient Israel and Judah, the prophets who saw it coming simply prayed to God, “In wrath remember mercy,” knowing that a spanking or discipling was needed and necessary for the people to wake up and have the opportunity to change their hearts and their ways. These prophets, like the Israeli Priest Eli, on a day when he received some very bad news about the Lord’s judgment coming on his family for sin and neglect of duty, but knowing the goodness of God, His justice, and His mercy, said, “Let the LORD do what seems good to Him.” [1 Samuel 3:18]

I also saw the LORD saying through His servants the prophets during these dark times that He would take note of those who feared Him, protect them, and care for them. This He would do even as He was chastising those who were doing wrong and in open rebellion to Him and His ways. Malachi would write, “But for those who fear My name, the sun of righteousness will arise with healing in its wings.” [4:2] Zechariah would write about God’s own, “I will be a wall of fire around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.” [2:5]

This judgment or correction will be painful to watch. In fact I feel the Lord has impressed me not to watch it that much but instead dwell on the good things in life, the gifts of God, experience Him more and more intimately, and watch for His grace to be on the move, letting it and desiring it to move through me. He says in His Word, “Where sin abounds, grace much more abounds.” [Romans 5:20]

That’s my tact and world view given the situation and circumstances. I believe it to be Biblical and what the Spirit is saying to the churches, and therefore worthy of your consideration. Godspeed on your journey! Stay awake. Stay in the battle. Rest in Him. His shalom to you and yours.