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Book Status August 2013

IMG_0850Greetings Friends of “Friends of the King”,

Many of you have expressed interest in the process of getting a book published and promoted. Lot’s of beautiful and exciting water has gone under the bridge since the book’s official drop date, May 23rd, and I won’t try to recreate that with you here.

But as of today, here is the status and some of the things going on.

[1] The official press release from the publisher, WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson, has gone out this week to over 500 media outlets with whom they have a relationship. Please  pray that this press release finds it’s marks, helping the book to become known outside it’s present circles, perhaps nationally.

[2] The webpage for the book seems to be functioning well, making the information about the book easily found in one location. The Facebook page  is helping get the word out to friends  via friends. Thanks to many for your feedback, for liking the Facebook page , and for sharing the book information with your friends.

[3] I have a book signing scheduled at the Fort Smith Public Library on September 10th. If

Working on the book at the Apple Store

Working on the book at the Apple Store

you’re in the area, or want a closer look at the book, I’d love to see you.

[4] I’m supposed to receive a report from the publisher soon with the number of books sold to date (WestBow Press & Amazon). From my personal records, I’ve distributed 19 hard backs, 152 soft backs, and 5 electronic versions.

That’s it for the state of the book as of the end of August 2013. Thanks for your interest and continued support, in action, and in prayer. May the Lord do with the book what seems best to Him. Remember to “Befriend the King!” Spend time with Him, and enjoy your journey.

Blessings and Shalom,  Dwayne

Image texted to me from a friend reading the book at lunch

Image texted to me from a friend reading the book at lunch

PS  Simple ways to help! And much appreciated!!

[1] Pray for the book.

[2] Share the website and/or the Facebook link with your friends.

[3] Buy a copy for a friend who could use the encouragement or insights.

[4] Go to the “Friend of the King” Facebook page and “like” it.

[5] Pray for the book! 🙂

(I know prayer is there twice, but it’s more than twice as important as anything on the list! The power of prayer is potentially the power of God!!)