The Birth of a Friend: “A Friend of the King”

IMG_0312It seems as if this book has taken over my life, at least in this season or the last few weeks. 🙂 I thought when it was published, it would be done, and I could go on to other things; things new, fun, and interesting. Well, when I think about it, this book chapter of my life is new, fun, and interesting. I would never have dreamed I would be here really!

I’m still in the first months after retiring early from my job as an American Airlines’ pilot, and entering the Psalms 23 chapter of my life. That’s what I tell my friends who ask, “What will you do?”  Psalms 23 says a lot, but right up front it says, “The LORD is my Shepherd,… He leads.”

He has, and He is, and He will. So back to the book. I feel like writing it was an act of obedience. That He directed me to write, and that He helped me to write, and helped me persevere until published. So I need to do due diligence in getting the word out there about the book. Not to spend lots of money on marketing, or self promotion, or anything like that, but to humbly do what the Lord shows me to do to get it in the hands of people who could be helped, encouraged, and guided by the Scripture and related thoughts it contains.

It occurred to me recently that you might be interested in this part of the journey, the journey of writing and publishing a book, as it is happening. I’ve been humbled and touched by many friends and relatives who have received the book with enthusiasm, many having read it already and providing positive feedback. So I’ll start chronicling some of the continuing saga under the  category, “The Book Journey.”

Here’s some current activity! Yesterday I headed to a local Christian radio station to arrange for a radio interview in preparation for my first book signing later this month, which I also arranged at a book store a few minutes later. That store, The Solid Rock, had sold all the books I’d left them a couple weeks ago, so I dropped off some more. While in the parking lot I headed next door to say “hello” to a good friend who is a bank president. He surprised me by asking me to sign three books he’d purchased for family members.

And so it’s going, and gone. I don’t expect too much from these type activities. They are time consuming and humbling. But humility is good. And it feels like obedience. Obedience is good. I feel the Lord gave me a small vision about the process last Sunday. It’s akin to starting a campfire, which takes small, small pieces of wood, several puffs, and patience. But soon you have a fire that roars and is self-sustaining to the point you can throw about anything on it for fuel, and it’ll keep going.

The Lord is my Shepherd; He leads…

It’s my prayer and purpose this humble writ goes out into the kingdom and world, making better friends of people, and of the King.

I sense the book is doing that for me. His shalom to you all. And His joy!


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