Unfinished Story…contd

We're all here to help!

We’re all here to help the cause of children, the fatherless, and gratitude for the gift of life!

Several of Matt & Ginny’s close friends initiate and host a book launching party for Matt in the city of his birth-through-high-school years, Fort Smith, Arkansas, on the evening of June 27th, 2013. On the same day a nice article appeared in the Arkansas Gazzette puting out the word about the book launch. Many old and new friends came together to bless the Mooneys, their new book, and support their worthy foundation, 99 Balloons! The event was a huge success, with every book being sold in addition to some very large donations. Thanks to everyone who came and everyone who helped, especially the host of friends, and the friends who were the hosts. Enjoy the photos!

Video introduction to the book “A Story Unfinished” by Matt Mooney

Beautiful venue!

Beautiful venue!

Matt & his Dad

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